Process and equipment

processi e tecnologieSAMPLING We offer the plotter sampling service, to produce pre-production mock-ups. This allows the pack to be previewed at a low cost, in order to verify the exact dimensions and structures before going into production.

RELEASE Among the first in Italy to experiment with OFFSET printing with U.V. inks, today it has an internal system for short runs and an excellent external support for particularly complex and large print runs supported by the latest generation machines. Hot stamping: impression in OROPRESS to enhance your pack.

DIE-CUTTING We have two die-cutters: one for small sizes and runs and a larger one for machining sizes from 1000 * 700 and thicknesses from 200 to 1000 microns. FORMING We have 4 production lines: 3 for medium-small sizes and 1 for medium-large sizes.

GLUING We have 3 folding lines enabled for the production of in-line, bottom-automatic 4-angle cases. All the 3 lines also have gluing devices for hot-melt polyurethane glue, suitable for bonding pet and polypropylene.

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