Quality policy

The basic orientation of CERUTI Srl is to be recognized for the quality in the industrial sector in which it operates, in particular: “Manufacture with transparent and non-transparent plastic materials (such as PVC, PP, PET, BIO PET, PLA), printed or neutral, made-to-measure packaging, folding cartons, bottom boxes + lid, drawstring, click clack, die-cuts and clusters, folders and displays ”.

Ciò sarà raggiunto attraverso:

  • The consideration of the context of the organization and the alignment of the Quality Management System to the strategic management of CERUTI srl
  • Customer satisfaction and compliance with applicable legislative and contractual requirements.
  • The management of the organization, with the support of the staff, established the quality objectives and defined the responsibilities for their achievement.
  • The definition, application, updating and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System – ISO 9001: 2015
  • The continuous increase in customer satisfaction
  • The research and application of new technologies and the education of their own staff
  • The careful selection of suppliers
  • The commitment to increase the quality of the product / service in order to exceed customer expectations
  • The implementation of continuous improvement every day and in every job
  • The guarantee that our Policy and Procedures reflect what we really do
  • Understanding how our activities adapt to the general flow of work
  • The continuous updating of the Quality Management System in all its phases starting from: receipt of orders, production and delivery to assistance after delivery activities.

The key factors to pursue the policy are:

  • THE TRUST thatCERUTI srl must generate and maintain for the development of constructive technical-commercial relationships with Customers and suppliers and to motivate the company’s human resources.
  • TRANSPARENCY as a constant in the ethical conduct of business
  • THE SPIRIT OF TEAM as a cohesion factor to achieve an efficient and effective overall activity and to generate a corporate culture consistent with the policy.
  • QUALITY understood in the most total sense as an indispensable condition to qualify the company on the market
  • PERIODIC VERIFICATION OF HUMAN RESOURCES of training effectiveness and skills
  • INNOVATION to be applied not only to optimize the offer but also in the management of resources, internal organization and market approachFoto-prodotti6
  • THE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT THE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT to continue to guarantee safety and environmental protection
  • RESPECT FOR REQUIREMENTS as a commitment to their satisfaction
  • Continuous IMPROVEMENTof your management system


The management of the company, through courses and meetings, ensures that, as stated above, both at all levels of the company understood, implemented and above all supported.

The Management, for its part, undertakes to periodically review, at least once a year on the occasion of the Management Review, its own Quality Policy to guarantee its continued suitability and adequacy.

The structure for defining quality objectives is defined in the Quality Objectives Document.

The Management is responsible for communicating the Quality Policy to all personnel who work with or on behalf of the organization and make it available to the public.

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