BIO – PET Consisting of up to 30% renewable resources, BIO-PET offers the same brilliant aesthetic clarity andthe performance properties of standard A-PET, and allows customers to meet onsustainable packaging goals.Composed partly of sugar cane, BIO-PET replaces the material based on fossil fuels up to 30%, with plant material.BIO-PET has the same performance as standard A-PET, so there is no need to change the equipment or design of the package.
IlBIO-PET is processed on existing equipment, and has the same peculiarity as standard A-PET.No special handling or logistics are needed.As for the standard A-PET, the packages produced with these films can be marked with SPI resin identification code 1 and waste iscompatible with existing pre-consumer recycling flows.

And dont forget the PLA

Our company is equipped with the latest machinery technology.

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