The company CERUTI srl, is specialized in the production of plastic packaging and related tailor-made packaging Foto-prodotti6born in 1991 from the transformation of Elmar snc, in turn founded in 1971. We are therefore on the market for more than 40 years, marked by continuous developments of product and acquisition of skills and professionalism in the processing of materials. The company stands out for: QUALITY The passion and experience that have always guided our work, allow us to achieve high quality standards in the design, creation and delivery of packaging for the most diverse uses. All this without compromising the competitiveness of the purchase prices. FLEXIBILITY We are an agile and lean construction. Our strength is the high flexibility that allows us to satisfy any request, both in terms of the complexity of the articles and the quantity of pieces produced (from a few thousand to millions of pieces). PUNCTUALITY Orders are processed very quickly. Furthermore, to meet all delivery needs, from the most urgent to the unexpected, we have our own vehicles for the delivery of our items. In this way we can guarantee punctual deliveries and personally guarantee the integrity of the product.

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